Let us help you Automate and Improve your business

Let 15+ Years of Excel Experience Help

(We aren’t just talking lookups either. We can customize the ribbon, add macros, and program with VBA)

HowtoExcel.net offers templates, tutorials, and a variety of consulting services that can help make your business run faster and more efficient. We also have over 30+ years combined experience in various industries and businesses.

Services Offered


Whether you need help fixing an existing spreadsheet or creating one from scratch, we can help. We can also provide user training specific to your needs.


Don't have time to analyze trends and patterns? Let us do that for you. Whether you want charts, KPIs, dashboards, we can set all that up for you.

Process Improvement

We can help look at your existing process and use our experience and expertise to help you find a better, more efficient way of doing things.


We can help you add automation to many of your day-to-day tasks so that you can focus on value-added activities.

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