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Accounts Receivable Statement – Template Using VBA

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accounts receivable statement

This is an updated version of a prior post that generated a statement without VBA, but the limitation there was you had to save the pdf yourself. This updated version allows you to do the following:

– Save the current statement to PDF
– Cycle through all your customers and save all their statements to PDF
– Generate an email (but not send) to the customer with the attached statement.

It is important to note the customer name on the invoice data needs to match the name on the customer data tab otherwise the invoices will not pull on the statement correctly.

The template works in exactly the same way as the prior version – invoice data and customer data needs to be downloaded from your accounting software. You can customize your statement and include any images you like so that it will look consistent for every statement that you send out.

This template is setup to accommodate up to 150 invoices.

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