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Amortization Schedule and Summary Template

This template allows you to track multiple amortization / depreciation schedules and summarize them all in one tab. Above is a completed schedule with the inputs (highlighted in grey at the top) filled in. As you can see the last payment will also take care of any balloon payment required. I have made 10 different tabs but you can copy additional ones or delete ones you do not need. Each schedule accommodates up to 1,000 payments by default and assumes monthly payment intervals however this can be adjusted.
In the sample file I have three different amortization schedules. If I go to the Summary tab I see the following break:
amortization depreciation summary

The tab names must match to what is written in the Tab Name field otherwise they will not pull correctly. If you update the Current Month field (just enter a date value, do not enter text even though it looks like text) the formulas will update and show you what your balance currently is, how much interest has been paid to date, and how many payments are still remaining. The benefit of this template is if you are managing many different amortization schedules you can get a snapshot of all of them in one tab.

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