Save a Chart as an Image File

Excel has a lot of different charts that you can use to summarize your data with. If you want to use your chart in PowerPoint or Word it’s an easy copy and paste job, but suppose you wanted to save the chart as a .gif, .png, or .jpeg file? Then you would need the help of VBA to accomplish that.

The code below will save the chart that you’ve selected as a .jpeg file into same folder as your Excel file:


Sub SaveChartAsJPEG()

Dim Fname As String
If ActiveChart Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
Fname = ThisWorkbook.Path & “” & ActiveChart.Name & “.jpeg
ActiveChart.Export Filename:=Fname, FilterName:=”jpeg
End Sub


The code above will save the file as a jpeg, but you can change it to .png, .gif, or whatever format you prefer by just changing the values in red.

Note: If your chart is small then your image will be as well. If you want the chart to save as a large image you’ll want to stretch it out first and then run the macro.

Once you’ve saved the code then what you’ll probably want to do is assign a shortcut key for the macro so that you can easily save whichever chart you’ve selected.

You can read this post on how to insert code into VBA. It will also show you how you can assign a shortcut key to a macro.

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