Free Add-In to Organize Your Tabs

Do you have a spreadsheet that has more than 10 tabs? If so, you probably know it can be challenging and time-consuming to organize and move all those sheets around if you want to re-arrange them. Oftentimes it’s just easier to leave them as they are. In this post, I’ll share with you a free Excel add-in I’ve been working on that will make it easy to move tabs around and alphabetize them.

Download and install the add-in

You can download the add-in from this link. Once you’ve downloaded it, go into Excel and select File and then Excel Options. There, you’ll see a section for Add-ins. Click on that and click on the Go button next to Manage Excel Add-ins near the bottom:

Manage excel add-ins button.

You should see a list of available add-ins. To add the one you just downloaded, click on the Browse button on the right-hand side and then select the add-in that you just downloaded. Then you should see it added to your list and the box should be checked off. Once you press OK, you should see the add-in within your Excel spreadsheet, in the middle of your Home tab:

Excel ribbon with the Tab Manager Add-In installed.

The add-in will now be available on all of the Excel files that you open.

Using the add-in

To start using the add-in, click on the Tab Manager button. A form will populate that displays all the tabs in your spreadsheet:

The tab manager launched and ready to use.

To move sheets around, select a sheet and use the arrow keys on the right to move them either up or down. Once you have the order you want, click on the button to Update List and your sheets will be re-arranged.

There’s also an option at the top of the form to Alphabetize the list. Clicking on the button will arrange the sheets in alphabetical order. You can make changes afterward, or you can click on Update List. The point of the add-in is to make it easy to make changes before running the update. If you don’t want to make any changes, simply click on the ‘X’ in the top-right-hand corner.

If you are moving a sheet far enough on the form that you end up moving onto another page/view and notice that the tab names don’t appear to be refreshed, simply click the up and down arrows to refresh the list.

Don’t need the add-in anymore or want to uninstall it?

If you just wanted to try out the add-in or only needed it for one use and want to uninstall it, you can easily do that. Repeat the steps you took to install the add-in, except this time, since it’s already available, simply uncheck the box for the Tabmanager. This will make it unavailable and it will no longer show up on the ribbon.

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