Free Men’s Olympic Football Prediction Template for Paris 2024

The Paris Olympics are taking place next month, and one of the more popular tournaments is likely to be the men’s football competition, which will include 2022 World Cup finalists France and Argentina. I have created a template in Google Sheets which will help track the tournament and allow you to make predictions with others.

Tracking matches in the template

On the main page of the template, there is a tab for Actuals where you can enter the actual results as they occur. And based on those results, the tables will automatically populate, to determine which teams will play one another in the knockout stages.

Men's 2024 olympic football match schedule.

You can also highlight countries you want to track by specify the name of country under the watchlist section below. There is also a space to adjust the time based on your time zone. In the example below, the match times are adjusted based on GMT-4. I have also chosen to highlight all the matches where either France or Argentina play.

Men's 2024 olympic football match schedule adjusted to GMT-4 settings.

Making predictions in the template

In addition to tracking the matches and results, you can also make predictions with your friends. There are five predictions tabs in the file. The tabs are the same as the actual tab. The one difference is that there is column for prediction points earned. The prediction results will compare to the actuals to determine if a result was correct and if so, the number of points that someone should have earned from that prediction.

You can adjust the points someone will earn by making changes to the scoring rules tab. Here are the default rules that are in the sheet:

Scoring rules for the Men's 2024 olympic football match template.

Points can be earned for determining the correct number of goals, the right result, score, and even if the teams were correctly predicted to be in the correct elimination stage.

To track how all the players are doing, update the scoring results tab with the name of the players — this should match the individual tabs. If you rename Player1, Player2, etc, then be sure to adjust the names on the scoring results tab. If you need more players, you can copy one of the existing player tabs.

Player standings in the prediction tab.

Try the template!

This template is available for free and you can access it by clicking on this link. It will create a copy of the file which you can then use.

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