Free Project Tracker Template in Excel

If you do work on a lot of different projects, this is a template that can make your life a lot easier. It’s one that I use regularly that helps me accurately track my time. It will allow you to set up a list of different projects, and just by using a couple of buttons, you can specify when you started and stopped working on them. Whether you want to ensure you’re billing your time effectively or you just want to better manage your time and review your productivity, this template will help you do that.

How the template works

This template has two tabs: Summary and Data. You’ll first need to add your projects in the Summary tab. This will populate your drop-down list for the project field when entering data. Once you’ve updated the project list, you can go to the Data tab and start entering in data.

Entering data in the project tracker template.

You select the project, and for the details, enter a description for your task. Then, click on the green Start button. That will create a timestamp. I suggest saving the file at this point just to make sure that in the event Excel or your computer crashes, you don’t lose the timestamp. And then, when you’re done working on the task, click on the red End button. That will create another timestamp, and then it will add it to the table below. Since the file uses timestamps, you don’t need to keep it open as you work on your task.

Project tracker template showing entries of tasks that have been done.

As you add entries, this table will expand. You will have the details by day, summarized by week, and it will also show you the hours spent on the task. On the Summary tab, you’ll have a pivot table that when you refresh it, will give you a summary of the time you spent both by project and by week:

Pivot table showing time spent by project per week.

Download the file

The project tracker template is completely free to use. Feel free to contact me if you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback on the file.

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