Free UEFA Euro 2024 Prediction Template and Schedule

The UEFA Euro 2024 tournament is beginning in June 2024. And whether you want to track the games, make predictions, or just print out a schedule that highlights the games you want to track, this template has you covered. Below, I’ll go over how the template works, how to use it, and where you can download it.

Tracking the games in your time zone

The template has a schedule of all the games in the tournament. And you can adjust the schedule by entering your time zone adjustment (e.g. for -4 GMT you would enter -4 whereas if you are +10 then you would enter just a positive 10). Based on that, the column for your local time will update to show what time the game is in your part of the world.

Euro 2024 match schedule showing games in a user's time zone.

You can also track the teams you want to keep an eye on by entering them in the Watchlist area. In the following example, I’ve flagged matches involving England and Spain:

Euro 2024 match schedule showing highlighted games.

Entering scores and updating the results

You can also enter the scores as the games, and that will update the standings and determine the round of 16 and other elimination games. In the elimination games, if the score is tied, you can enter in extra time scores and penalties.

While there are tiebreakers setup in the template which should handle the vast majority of scenarios, there are also sections where you can override the standings for both the individual tables and for the third-place rankings. If you’re applying overrides, you’ll need to fill in the entire group standings, such as below:

Applying overrides for the table standings.

In the override column, I’ve specified the position for each team, and the table for the group also reflects that.

Printing out a schedule tracking multiple teams

On the Printout tab, there is a schedule that you can print out on a single page. This too, will automatically adjust based on the GMT value you entered on the Actuals tab. You can specify whether you want the time to show in AM/PM format or as a 24-hour clock. And here too, you can have a watchlist to help highlight teams you want to track.

Printing out a schedule to track individual teams.

Entering and tracking predictions

This template has a Prediction.Blank tab which you can use to enter your predictions, which is different from the actuals, which should be the actual results to compare predictions against. Once you have entered your predictions, you can copy them over to the Predictions.Results tab. The key is to make sure that the headers match up and you are copying the Game#, Teams, Score, Extra Time, and Penalties results in the correct columns. The first column, Name, is for the name of the person who made the results. You can copy and paste multiple people’s predictions here to compare how each is doing against the actual results.

In addition to copying the individual game predictions, there’s a space at the bottom of the Prediction.Blank tab to also copy over the teams you predicted to advance to each stage along with the number of shootouts you predicted. This can also be copied over to the Predictions.Results tab as you can assign points for people getting the right teams to the right stages, and if they predict the correct number of shootouts.

Euro 2024 predictions showing which teams advanced to the elimination stages.

Once you’ve entered all your predictions and your actual results are entered, you can click on the Refresh button on the Data tab in the Prediction.Results tab, and that will update the pivot table and chart to determine who has accumulated the most points.

You can specify your scoring rules and points on the Scoring.Rules tab.

Download the template

The template is available to download here. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or come across any issues, please let me know.

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